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Book Review: Viral


Ah. Finally finished this amazing book!

Viral: How Social Networking Is Poised to Ignite Revival was my first introduction to Dr. Leonard Sweet, and man was a I blown away!

In this book, Sweet works on breaking down two main topics and explains their impact on culture, relationships and communication; and then relates that information to how it has affected the spread of the Gospel. The first topic is that of the two generations we see in USAmerica—”Gutenberger” and “Googler”— and weaves the comparison of these generations through each main category of the second topic—the “TGIF culture.”

Sweet goes through a great effort early in the book to help the reader understand the difference between the “Gutenbergers” and “Googlers.” This greatly solidifies the significance of the message, as it enables you to put his argument into proper context, how social networking is poised to ignite revival. If you don’t grasp the generational differences from the beginning, then it would be difficult to follow the rest of the book, as it leans heavily on understanding the differences. He then builds on this foundation with a great teaching on the significance of the “TGIF culture”—Twitter, Google, iPhone, Facebook.

I have the privilege of approaching this book from a unique position—I have my degree in Youth Ministry and have been a Youth Pastor at 2 churches, am currently starting a new church, and also work full time as the Social Media Manager for an international non-profit organization. So to see the significance and importance of Sweets proposal is an understatement. I live what he is teaching here on a daily basis beyond being an early adopter of Facebook, Twitter, and the iPhone.

This book is highly recommended!

Since I began reading this book, every person I have come in contact with that works with youth in any fashion, as well as anyone involved in church ministry, has heard me rant about how important it is for them to read this book. To date, I believe it is one of the most well-written books on the subject of the cultural significance of social networking and it’s affect on the Gospel.

So, are you a Gutenburger or a Googler? Are you a catalyst for sparking revival, or have you become irrelevant to this evolving culture? Get your copy today and find out!




A thought about community and generational gaps after some good reading last night from one of my new mentors (via books).

Nothing more

Lately, there’s has been this longing in my heart…
… this desire…
… to have nothing else but God.

I wish I could just sell everything.
Or give it all away, for that matter.
To have no other responsibilities but to trust in God for everything.

I just want Him.

It’s almost as if everything else is just a distraction.

My wife is not too keen on just bing a tent and living in a field.
I tell her, “God will provide everything!”
But, she just gives me that look…
Yeah, you know the look.

The more my life remains entangled with all this stuff, the more I wonder if it’s really all detrimental.

I’m all into social media.
Is it all necessary?
I use it a lot personally, I do it for work, and I think there is value when using it well…
… but is there a cost?

Are we becoming more dependent on methods of proclaiming the gospel, and less on the One whom the gospel proclaims?

On a personal note, this has in no way diminished my use of the various platforms.
But I wonder if it should.
Does this make me a hypocrite?
I’m not preaching against it, but simply asking questions regarding value.

Ah… I’m rambling now.

Quite simply, my thoughts are this:
There’s a hunger in me that needs to be quenched…
… I know that the One that can quench it is the Lord.
Now, how to do I get to that place—so desperate and set apart, that He comes in such a way that my heart is satisfied by Him and Him alone?

Pressing in…



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