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McChurch: I Need It Now.

Smartphone Apps.

Get it now, fast, the way you want it.

When ever you need a fix, or a snack, or an explanation, or an update…
It’s right there, at your fingertips, or your car window, or on your plate in seconds.

Our culture of consumerism has driven us to be so quickly pleased, or displeased.

I’m hungry, so let’s go through the McDonald’s drive through.
I know it’s crap, but it will be a quick fill.

I need to know what’s going on, so let’s check the Twitter feed.
Most of it is just noise, but I may get something of value; or at the least I’ll feel connected.

I need to feel good after that regrettable night, so let’s go to church.
I know it’s only surface-level change, but I’ll feel better; and it will hold me over ’till next weekend.

To be continued…



Here is an infographic look at a Twitterized me. Thoughts?

Have I gone too far?

How far is too far?
Have we crossed the line?
Can we be too connected?

Yes, this is a continuation from yesterday’s post… sort of.

Today, the second official day off my full social media fast, I started an account on Posterous. I also added more links in my WordPress profile, linked some more of my different platforms together, and tweeted, four-squared, instagramed, pathed, and Facebook-status-updated my way through the day.

On the way home I was listening to a segment on NPR about the integration of Facebook with other media outlets, allowing for more integration between our personal lives, social connections, entertainment options and consumer habits. Many have voiced their concern for lack of privacy and a fear of the gathering of too much personal information. Even today, someone made a comment to me about being off the grid.

Where is all this headed?

Have we gone too far?
Where is the line?
Can we be too connected?



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