Starting Fresh

Here we are! New home, new church, new youth ministry, new jobs, new city… time for a new blog! I have been faced with the reality that I don’t have the same accountability here in Pensacola like I had in Detroit. So, I need to make myself accountable to YOU! Yeah, you will help me (if you want to). So, what do you say? I’m up for the challenge… I hope that you join me in this journey as I seek to be stretched – learning and growing as we move forward in God’s plans for our lives. Much love!


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7 thoughts on “Starting Fresh

  1. Good to see you online! I think you have the same theme as TJ’s new blog! Great minds think alike 🙂

    So, you don’t have anyone at the church you work at u could hook up with for some accountability? What did u have in mind for online? I hear it’s kinda tough to do it long distance.

    1. Yeah… I realized that after when I went to add his blog to my blog roll! haha What’s funny is we both are starting fresh with blogging and picked the same theme to do so!

      We are pretty much the only ones in our age group – there’s the kids and teens; and then there’s the parents/older adults. I talk with my pastor, but when it comes to people our age that are really commiteed to Christ, unfortunately this church is missing that group. Now, I have been starting to connect with other youth pastors/leaders in Pensacola; but until these relationships grow more, I need something/someone in the meantime. This probably won’t be an everyday blog, but a least a couple times a week; and containing thoughts/ideas on scripture and books and such.

  2. Whoops sent that early. Anyway, I’m setting up my google reader account finally so I can properly follow others. I get bummed that not many people come by, but it’s not like I’m very diligent with others either. So i’ll be following you.

    Sound like a good growth opportunity for your church…get to invitin’!

    1. You don’t need to be a boy… I’m a boy 🙂 (I’m the boy “brushed red”… ’cause, you know, it’s my blog… lol) Miss you guys, too!

  3. 4 years ago when we got a new pastor we had a small dwindling percentage of members in your age group. Now the age groups (by decade pretty much) are nearly even! We have been intentional about it, through our music, etc. Nice to have a balance. Feels healthy. When we were young parents we did not have a strong support base at church, but now that group has their own Sunday School class and support/activity group.

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