Sorry for the silence (after I just got this new blog going)! God has been teaching me a lot in the last couple of weeks.

*[Warning: Baseball Analogy about to be used!]

There are times in your life when curveballs are the number-one pitch coming off the mound (like a sick Pedro Martinez 12-to-6!). What is so amazing about God, though, is that no matter what pitches we are swinging at, and no matter what kind of circumstances come your way, there is always a constant – GOD! Nothing changes who God is! (That’s good news for me today!)

No matter the problems, God is the same… ALWAYS!!! Be assured that He hasn’t changed, and His plans and purpose for your life haven’t changed!

You may feel like you’re striking out, or that you are intimidated by the pitcher on the mound. Hang in there! Stand firm in the batter’s box and know that you have received the best batting instruction in the world, and are equipped to hit a home run! Don’t react to the tricky pitches. Respond with what you know to do – stick to the fundamentals (my dad pounded that into my head my whole childhood-sporting life). Keep you eye on the ball, stick to your swing mechanics, and watch the ball fly out of the park!

He has already won and is already on the other side of your circumstances – that in itself may be the comfort we need to stick with it. 🙂

Standing Firm,


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