Say What?!

Note: I’m no politician, and am not really taking a stance on any political/social issues in this blog post. Do I have my opinion regarding the following issues? Yes. Am I going to state it here? No. This is merely a commentary on a related issue that is somewhat meaningless, yet is a real issue that may be valid.

So there is this bill in the Senate right now. It is the Military Spending Bill. This is one of several bills, from my understanding, that get viewed annually by the Senate and voted on for approval regarding government spending. This is a great system.

This current bill that is presently being viewed by the Senate is not simply a bill that will approve spending for our military for the next year, but has had other issues attached to it. This has caused a problem with Senators, and is the reason why this bill has stalled. There has been an addendum to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy regarding homosexuals in the military, and it’s been tacked onto the spending bill. The desire of those that formed the bill if for this policy to be removed from military protocol; which, from my understanding, will allow for homosexuals to openly state their “sexual orientation”. Opposers to this bill are stating that these are unrelated issues, and should not be packaged together. A vote for one of the parts will approve all of the parts – i.e. Voting “Yes” for the spending will result in also voting “Yes” for the removal of the sexual orientation policy currently in place.

All of that is not my beef on this post – it was simply a set up for my mini-rant…

As I was listening to NPR on my way to work, there was a commercial that was being discussed on air. Lady Gaga has aired a commercial encouraging people to call their Senators and ask them to pass this Military Spending Bill. WHAT?!?! Haha… no, for real… She has.

Honestly, I get really frustrated when, time after time, I see money spent on celebrities making commercial cameos for socio-political issues. It’s one thing if you are willing to use your celebrity to help raise money for natural disasters (Wyclef Jean and George Clooney, and load of others, for the Haiti earthquake), or for non-profit causes (Sarah McLachlan for SPCA or Bono for the ONE Campaign), even if they can seem political in nature. But when people like Lady Gaga get on the air and start to pretend like they are political activists, or when “Rock-The-Vote” on MTV is telling you how to vote, it’s ridiculous. What does Lady Gaga know about military spending? What does Kanye West know about foreign policy? (He can’t even properly handle losing to Taylor Swift for the “Music Video of the Year” Award!) Why should we listen to him for advice on how to vote for the most powerful political position in the world?

(Eh… should I even publish this? I learned that I don’t need an opinion about everything; and even if I do have one, I certainly don’t need to voice it. It just frustrates me to see how people can be manipulated and swayed by individuals that are seemingly powerful, or influential.)

Maybe this is a loud reminder that WE need to be a voice into the lives of those around us – our children, teenagers, friends, etc. There is such a great need for a Biblical understanding and worldview in our country today! We as the church have been sleeping on a lot of these issues, and it’s time we come up to speed and make ourselves ready to help bring understanding and insight to what the Word of God says; and help others through the thought process. Do we start picketing and endorsing candidates? I’m not a big fan of that. Do our pulpits become a soap box for socio-political issues? Let’s just preach the Word of God with the only agenda being leading people to Christ! But we can’t just close our eyes to what is happening, because there is a generation growing up that is considering less and less what the Word of God says about these very real issues, and caring more and more about what their favorite celebrities have to say…

But, what do I know… If you made it this far, thanks for putting up with my rant for today – you deserve a gold star! 🙂

What do you think? Have I just lost it, and need to take a nap? … time for some more coffee…

Not hiding behind a poker face,


Pass it on!
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