Being Stirred

There has been a stirring in my heart recently. I have been sensing the pursuit of the Holy Spirit as I have gone from day to day. I can’t necessarily explain it… but it is this anxious anticipation that He is doing something in me.

He has been cautioning me, though, at the same time. I know that if I don’t respond to this stirring, that it will go as easily as it came; and nothing will come of it. I don’t want that to be the case!

I found a book at a local used book store. It is the book Meat For Men by Leonard Ravenhill. As God has been leading me to praying more, I find it interesting that I found this book today – definitely not by accident! (And it was only $1.00!) In the forward, written by T. A. Hegre, the lyrics to an old hymn are written, following a passionate recommendation for men that want to be stirred to read the book. I will leave you hanging with those ancient words (and hope you will look forward to future posts regarding this stirring…):

Stir me, oh stir me, Lord, till prayer is pain,
Till prayer is joy, till prayer turns into praise;
Stir me till my heart and will and mind, yea all
Is wholly Thine to use through all the days.
Stir, till I learn to pray exceedingly;
Stir, till I learn to wait expectantly.

Being stirred (and wicked excited about it)!!!



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