“No Pretty Declaration of Doctrine”

Listen to these powerful words written by Leonard Ravenhill back in 1959, in his book Why Revival Tarries.

The world is not waiting for a new definition of the Gospel, but for a new demonstration of the power of the Gospel. In these days of acute political helplessness, moral lawlessness, and spiritual helplessness, where are the men not of doctrine, but of faith? No faith is required to curse the darkness or give staggering statistical evidence that the dikes are down and a tidal wave of hellish impurity has submerged this generation. Doctrine?—we have enough and to spare, while a sick, sad, sin-sodden, sex-soaked world perishes with hunger.

Are we paying the price that is required to burn with such a passion for people’s souls, that we see the world as Christ sees the world? Every soul was purchased on the cross! … man… Is my passion for telling others about Christ where God desires for it to be? Tough question with an unfortunately obvious question… Gotta pay the price!

The atom bomb seems to have disturbed everything—except the Church. By overstating the sovereignty of God and blundering on in an atmosphere of stagnant dispensationalism, we safeguard our spiritual bankruptcy. All the while hell fills… will the Lord look in vain for a man to stand in the gap as Ezekiel did?”

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