Book Review: Sun Stand Still

“Audacious faith” – that is the key phrase in Steven Furtick’s Sun Stand Still. The subtitle says it all – What Happens When You Dare to Ask God for the Impossible. The story of Joshua asking God to cause the sun to stand still in the sky, that the Lord’s words may come to pass, is that backdrop to this challenging, inspiring book. In the same way that Joshua possessed an audacious faith to ask God for what seemed impossible, we are to live a life of this same type of faith. What are you expecting God to do in your life? Are your expectations vague? Or are they too simple? Maybe you are expecting God for something that really doesn’t impact anyone around you? God desires to do more than we can imagine! Furtick pushes you to dream way beyond the ordinary, and to consider believing God for the impossible – which, to God, is anything but!

This book challenged me in areas of my life that are currently in question. As I closed the book, there was a stirring in my soul – down in my gut (and no, it was not dinner). I want to believe God for things that I have previously only dreamed of! Do I have enough faith to truly believe they will happen?! Let’s find out!


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