Book Review: Soulprint

Soulprint: Discovering Your Divine DestinyThere will never be another one of you – ever. Biologically, your DNA is a unique combination of information that has never existed before you, and will never be repeated after you. This unique, biological identity is tracked by your fingerprints. (I know what you’re thinking, but, no, this is not a biology book.) Author Mark Batterson, in his book Soulprint: Discovering Your Divine Destiny, shows us that in the same way that we are biologically unique, our souls are also unique. There will never be another you in all of eternity – God created you for the very length of time you are alive, to be in the place(s) where He has called you to, to do a work that no one else was called to do. That is your soulprint. Being created in the image of God goes deeper than our skin, or even our physical bodies for that matter – it goes all the way to the depths of our soul. We were created for the purpose of glorifying God. This is done through the life that we live; and that life is a destiny, written by God, before the foundations of the earth.

This book totally nailed me right where I’m at in my life and ministry! Once I hit Chapter 2, I was totally in the book! This read was one of the fastest reads I’ve had in a while. Batterson walks you through several life-changing events in the life of King David. They are all the stories you may know, but the perspective and insight into these course-altering moments brings new life to them; and leaves you hungering to leave your soulprint on eternity! Everyday, God is teaching us, preparing us, and guiding us. His plans are not our plans (thankfully)! So, let’s not get discouraged at where we may be in our lives; but instead recognize that God created you to do something that no one else in all eternity will do. Trust in Him, live in obedience to His Word, and watch how He will use you!


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