Book Review: Chazown

Chazown. Yeah, I wasn’t sure how to say it either; but that is the only issue I had… well, until I opened the book. Partly because the author, and pastor of, Craig Groeschel, helps you with the pronunciation at the very beginning of the book. But also, you get past not quite getting the pronunciation because it is really of no consequence unless you are reading it out-loud to an audience; and in that instance, you could simply agree with your audience to pronounce it how ever you choose, just as long as they understand what you are saying.

Enough about the title, though. This book, Chazown: Define Your Vision. Pursue Your Passion. Live Your Life on Purpose., is an incredible book. It is the only adult* book that I know of that has chapters as short as the chapters inside, that encourages you to take as long as possible to read the book, and is still so powerful. (*I don’t mean adult in a dirty way, but simply in terms of the target audience.) This book really helped my wife and I to focus on the vision, passion, and purpose God has placed inside of us. The 2-to-6-page chapters made it easy to pick it up when you had a few minutes and read, well, a whole chapter in just minutes! Every chapter and/or part of the book has questions and action steps to actually put into practice the message of the book; and the author wants you to actually take breaks from reading and focus on different aspects of your life, only returning to the book once you are ready for the next part. Despite the easy read, and the breaks for applying the principles, this book packs a powerful message coupled with an extremely practical application that I have not seen in any other Christian Living book. (Other than the Bible, of course!) 😉


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