It’s Not The Best

I’ve heard people that are teaching about church planting say that the most Biblical form of church planting is organic, or house churches. Yet, in the same breath, they follow that statement with something like, “but it doesn’t draw the crowds and produce the numbers that would be associated with a successful church.

Maybe that’s because it’s not as much about drawing crowds as it is about building relationships in which discipleship will take place. Our business models don’t like homegrown, solid relationships if it means that we appear small. After all, this is ‘Merica! Go big or go home!

I think I’ll put all my money on the biblical model, and then let the Lord be the builder of the house.

Unless the Lord builds the house,
those who build it labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
the watchman stays awake in vain. (Psalm 127:1 ESV)

Keep your marketing strategies. Keep your growth charts. Keep your business models.
I’ll take the Spirit of the Living God and a passion for souls, and be a part of building the Kingdom of God one relationship at a time!

Going for broke…


  • Are there benefits to marketing and business strategies in churches?
  • Have you ever thought about the growth of the early church outside of the strategies that are encouraged today?
  • Do you draw any connections between modern strategies and struggles in growth?

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