Book Review: Begin

Begin: A Journey Through Scriptures for Seekers and New Believers is a great book put together by Ken Ham, the director of Answers in Genesis, and Bodie Hodge. Instead of handing out a New Testament, or even simply a Book of John (which I have done frequently), to new believers or those that are seeking to know more about the Bible and God, the authors are encouraging believers to give them something that is a better overview and foundation to the bigger picture of Christianity, and of the purpose and necessity of Jesus Christ as Savior. Begin does that by including selections from the canonical books of Genesis, Exodus, The Gospel of John, Romans, and The Revelation; as well as ten positions on important, foundational issues for Christians today including creation, evolution, a world-wide flood, etc. Before each portion of scriptures presented, there are a few pages spent giving overview, insight, and highlights from the different biblical accounts that have taken place between the provided portions.

Many would question the need or importance of this, and that can be answered by these three points:

  • To not just emphasize the love of God (i.e. a Book of John), but also the judgement of sin
  • To not just emphasize the New Testament (i.e. a Pocket New Testament), but also the foundation of the Old Testament
  • To explain the need for a Savior

A big-picture view and understanding of the whole Bible will help others better understand the value and necessity of the gospel.

This is a well-done resource that I would definitely recommend to those that are young in their Christian faith and are having difficulty grasping the “big picture” of the Christian faith. Also, for those that are questioning the need for Jesus, or those that are seeking truth and answers, this is definitely a great resource to Begin with.


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