Where hindsight is 0/0

There has been a lot of news recently regarding past mistakes, moral failures, mismanagement of resources, and even death. There are some underlying issues to all these events that are making the headlines, like greed, selfishness, lust, pride, and even fear. Ultimately, though, there is a single, deep-rooted issue that influences people’s daily decisions; and that is sin.

Joe Paterno (now former head coach of Penn State football) was fired because of his awareness of the sick, demented staff member that chose to sodomize young boys, and his choosing to nothing about it. People are in an uproar, and are begging for the public to forgive him. He DID NOTHING TO STOP IT!

Greece, and much of the EU (and much of the world, for that matter) is falling apart financially because of greed and selfishness of both political leaders and even the people of the country. *There are people in Greece that are living on government supported and funded social programs that are making more money not working than my wife and I are making together—she with a full-time job and myself with two jobs!

Steve Jobs just passed away after battling cancer. The world mourned his death, and there were endless stories of his impact and genius. (I pre-ordered his biography, and it’s since been delivered.) What is even more sad in the story of Steve Jobs is that, from what we know, he was not a follower of Christ—he was Buddhist.

There are many, many other headlines that we could list here, like the accusations against Herman Cain regarding sexual misconduct in the past; the Occupy Wall Street, Oakland, and other cities fiasco; President Obama’s “live-mic” slip-up; Michael Jackson’s doctor’s “guilty” verdict; etc.

What sets the story of Steve Jobs apart from the other headlines is something powerful, something deep, something non-reversable. JoePa can be forgiven. Greece, and the world, can see a turn-around, eventually… hopefully. All these happenings can experience resolution, restoration, and even revolution. But Mr. Steve Jobs can no longer experience any of that. They say that “hindsight is 20/20”. On this side of eternity (that’s a Christianese phrase I think Jon Acuff would like), we can look back and see the mistakes or misjudgments, and make the necessary changes in order to see something good come from something evil. But on the other side of eternity, meaning after we die, that option is no longer a possibility. That is where hindsight is 0/0… it is no more. With all the good Steve Jobs did—his genius, leadership, world-changing inventions, challenging the world to Think Different—none of that matters to him now. All that stuff is left here on earth, and he is now faced with the reality of eternity.

I’ve been meditating on this Scripture verse lately:

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Mark 8:36

  • What am I striving for that will impact eternity for good, and not evil?
  • What do I see when I look back?
  • Is there anything that I need to do repent of, learn from, and bring change to?

Let’s pray that our hindsight sees the grace, mercy, and love of Christ; and may that bring resolution, restoration, and revolution to our lives today. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Let’s choose what is right today.

Seeing more clearly…


Solemnly written on an iPad, and edited on an iMac…


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