Consider It Accepted!

Less than a month ago, when reading @ScottWilliams blog (, he had posted a video of an interview with Seth Godin and the owner of Chik-fil-A, Dan Cathy. (You can see the interview by clicking here: Watch video.)

In the interview, Godin talks about the importance of writing and it’s connection to effective communication; and he says that he always challenges people to start a blog and then write something everyday. Well, I’ve had a blog for years, whether on, or, or now this particular one on I have never been good with being consistent and committed to blogging, but I have been reading more blogs than ever, and reading them every day. So, I took the challenge by Godin, and starting on this past Monday, I have successfully blogged every day.

Mr. Seth Godin, thank you for your challenge to blog everyday… Consider it accepted.

Now, the next hurdle: longevity.

Here’s goes nothing!



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