CAUTION! I’m Contagious!

Day two of Thanksgiving Week, and I am so thankful for friendships!

We just got home from our newest friends’ house. We were celebrating the birthday of their youngest child, Noelle, who is the big ONE! Our new friends’ names are Leo and Karen Carney, and they are such a great couple. They have four kids, and love Jesus. We are really excited about getting to know them more as we grow together as a community of believers.

Why this excites me so much is because we are really passionate about relationships. Recently, something I’ve been saying a lot is this: The gospel is most powerful when transmitted through relationships. That kinda makes it sound like a disease.

Even though it’s not a disease, it does sort of have that kind of affect (but in a good way). The power of the gospel is most vividly demonstrated when one changed life, after contact with another, sees the infectious spread of change becoming evident in their life, too. It reminds me of these buttons that were passed out one time at church when I was young. They stated: CAUTION! I’M CONTAGIOUS… ask me how. (Kind of weird, but I guess they made a point.)

Community is powerful. Friendships are priceless. We rely on this dimension of life in order to fulfill the mission of the Church—making disciples. Evidence of that is seen in that it is said most people come to a relationship with Jesus Christ through a relationship with another person.

Enjoying community…


  • Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ?
  • If no, can we do lunch? If yes, was a friend/family member involved in the process?
  • Have you seen your own friendship with others impact their lives in this way?

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