Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Let It Grow!

So, December is here. That means it is the end of No-Shave November! My wife is very excited about the conclusion of another mindless, purposeless feat the I have successfully completed.

Yes, many of my friends were doing the Movember thing and growing out their moustaches as a way to raise awareness for men’s health, as well as some doing it as a movement in Detroit promoting manhood; but I decided to simply go with the crowd for a month and just not shave… just because… just because I could… seems pointless… it was.

None-the-less, here is the final result of my facial-hair fiasco that will be done with as I put the steel to my burley face prior to leaving for work in the morning.


  • Have you ever done something that, in the end, seemed to have no real purpose?
  • Did you feel as though you wasted time, even if the only thing that was done during that time was you talking about the fact that what you were doing was pointless?
  • Most important question: Did you like the full beard look?

Feeling furry…


P.S. Tomorrow I will blog about something that I am doing simultaneously that is very purposeful.


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