What a Privilege!

So excited!
So honored!
So privileged!


Today begins a busy 4 days.
Will my days be long? Yes.
Will I be tired? Yes.
Will I not care about that? YES!


I have the privilege this week to once again teach a class at Pensacola Men’s Teen Challenge! This program is so awesome, and the leadership there are godly, passionate men and women of God that have such an incredible heart for helping men in need. (For those that don’t know about the Teen Challenge program, feel free to click the link a couple sentences back.)

The opportunity to teach the Word of God to these men is such an honor. The fact that what is taught can, and will have an eternal impact is beyond comprehension. For many of the men that will be sitting in that room this week, the lessons they learn will not only impact their lives, but will have an impact on the lives of many others that God allows them to share their testimonies with.

They all have testimonies of miraculous protection, or being delivered from deadly addictions, or abuse, or prison, or crime, or deep depression. They are walking miracles; and God will use them to speak of His wonders, of His grace, and of His ability to transform the life of someone that was destined to split hell wide open.

Their destinies have been rewritten by the Author of Life!and then He will let me teach them?! Whoa.

Super excited…


  • Do you know about Teen Challenge? How?
  • Has God delivered you from any life-destroying substances or lifestyles?
  • Do you share your testimony of God’s work in your life with others? Do you want to share it here?

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