New Year’s Day


It is here.
(I already changed my ringtone to New Year’s Day by U2 — the original music video is below of your viewing pleasure.)

We’ll find out if the Mayans were right.
We’ll find out if God will send His Son Jesus back this year.
We’ll find out if the economy will improve, or fall further.
We’ll find out who the next president of the United States of America is (unless the Mayans were right or Jesus comes back before November 4th, or both).
There will be a new team that is crowned NFL Super Bowl Champion, a new MLB World Series Champion, NBA Champion (which almost didn’t happen), and new Stanley Cup Champion (hopefully it is Boston, again! They’re looking good).
We could go on and on…

What will 2012 bring for you?

Whether you are ready or not, it’s here… the new year. You could always look at it as just another day in your life. But for many it symbolizes another chapter, stepping stone, or an opportunity to make changes, do something new, or a chance to improve on something already present… turning over a new leaf. How ever you choose to view a new year, let’s agree on one thing: Let’s make it the best year of our lives!

I am so excited for this new year. It will bring many challenges, many areas of growth, and hopefully many victories. We will be launching our new church, moving across town, making slight changes in our jobs, become a better blogger, read more books in one year than I ever have before, etc… and there will probably be some unexpected/unplanned announcements that will come throughout the year. But, whatever comes our way, we will continue to put our trust in the Lord, seek Him more than ever, and walk in obedience with all that He directs us to do.

I pray that 2012 will be the best year of your life!

Looking ahead with hope and anticipation…


And now, what you have been waiting for since the first sentence…


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