Because I Gave My Word

I was reminded today of something very valuable.

There are many times when I have the opportunity to do something with friends, or help someone in need, or just chill mindlessly and play my FIFA12 iPad game.

And, then there are times when I have decided to invest in my family and do things that just need to get done—the “honey-do list” if you will.

When I tell my wife or my daughter that I will spend time with them, or do something for them, I would be delinquent as a husband and father if I didn’t follow through with it. What it really boils down to is that I would be lying to them.

There are times when saying “no” is awkward, or difficult, or even guilt-laden; but for the sake of my calling and my family’s trust, I will have to say “no” at times.

If and when I tell you “no,” just know that it’s okay. It’s not you, it’s me. You will understand one day.

And if you still have a problem with it, then you can take it up with her… (She yelling, “Cheeeeeeeeeese!”)



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