I Don’t Agree With You

I don’t know what I want to say here, mostly because there is a lot I want to say; but will any of it be beneficial?

So, this is sort of a mind dump, or a rant (probably more appropriate), and there may be some sense in it.
(Don’t hold your breath, and I pray for grace ahead of time.)

I’m about to make myself vulnerable… please be gentle in your response.

[Be tactful, Steve.]

#labels. They suck.

Confession: I use them.
They seem unavoidable… but are they?

The People of the Second Chance did a poster series on labels—you should check it out (after you read/comment here, of course) 😉

The labels I am talking about here are different in the fact that these exist in the realm of Christianity (or all religions, for that matter); and more specifically in the way we describe ourselves, our churches and circles, other churches or ministries, other Christians, and different camps that are segregated by doctrinal differences.

Do you know what I’m referring to? No, or not sure?
Here’s some examples:
I am Reformed.
I am Pentecostal.
I am conservative.
I am charismatic.
I am searching.
I am open.
I am a follower of Jesus.
We are literalists.
We are free.
We are spirit-filled-full-gospel.
We are informed-reformed.
We are Calvinist.
We are Arminian.
We are accepting.
We are right.
They are kooky.
They are liberal.
They are wacky.
They are prosperity preachers.
They are misinformed.
They are too comfortable.
They are too crazy.
They are wrong.

Ugh. That was awful. Like barfing up buffalo wings.

I feel a sense of frustration today…
like I want to scream…
scream, “GET OVER IT!” or “SHUT UP!”
I follow that up with the fact that I told myself that today.

Let’s hold another conference to explain the Holy Spirit; and why they don’t get it right and why we do.
(F.Y.I. I’m not attending your stupid conference.)
(F.Y.I. That was just an example… sort of.)

I can see it now. Jesus, hanging on the cross to forgive us of our sin and set us free…
so we can make converts to our way of thinking…
so we can attempt to argue people into the “Kingdom of God”; and by “Kingdom of God,” we really mean our sect of religion, full of our dogmas, doctrines, and dispensations.

My heart is racing right now.
I think I have been so wrong for so long.

I’m Sorry.

That was not for my rant, but for all those people that I have categorized, labeled, judged, criticized…

I guess my perceived dilemma is this: How do we not do this?
How do we differentiate between the differences?
How do we teach the truth without the twisting?

All the sects claim the truth from the same source, yet cannot agree.

Can I just give up?
I don’t want to waste my time with this junk.



  • Does this make any sense?
  • Have you ever felt this way?
  • If so, what did you do/are doing about it?

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