15 years ago…

This time 15 years ago, right at the moment I am typing these words, I was seated in the back of a charter bus which was passing through New York City.

In the middle of a snow storm, that charter bus pulled out of the Living Hope Assembly of God parking lot in Pawtucket, RI at 5:30 AM.

It’s destination? Pensacola, FL.

With headphones on, Nine Inch Nails blaring, and feeling a rising frustration (because I’m tired, and these happy-go-lucky church people are annoyingly chattering away), I nestled into the back corner seat awaiting our arrival in Florida; which wouldn’t happen until tomorrow evening.

Why was I on this bus?
All I knew is that there was some church thing going on in Brownsville, Florida (which I learned is a neighborhood in Pensacola).

What was I anticipating?
Beaches and babes. I was reveling in the fact that I would be on the beach, while all my friends froze their butts off in the now snowed-in New England in mid February.

This two-day journey to the panhandle of Florida was the beginning of an amazing week, which was the turning point of the life of a fifteen-year old living in Massachusetts.

To be continued…

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