15 years ago… Pt 2: The day of arrival

We travelled down the highway all day long.
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, then Florida…

By this time, I already had some arguments with the teenage son of one of the pastors on the trip, listened to my “Devil music” over and over, complained about the dude that stunk up the on-board bathroom, and had a great meal at Shoney’s.

So far so good (as good as my god-hating state could be in).

When we finally arrived in Pensacola, FL it was already getting dark. Apparently there was a Tuesday night prayer meeting already in progress, which we joined, of course.

I wasn’t sure what to make of all the commotion I voluntarily walked into. I had never witnessed this kind of prayer meeting… people pacing, walking all over, loudly praying over everything… yes, even the bathrooms. I know this because I quickly made my way to the men’s room to relieve myself after our long, arduous trip, only to be creeped out by the dude mumbling some prayer at the urinal next to me. I slowly and slightly angled my body, as a precaution (you know what I mean), and as not to draw attention to myself or make the other guy feel bad. It was just… a little creepy for me…


The sanctuary was packed with people walking, sitting, kneeling, laying down, worshiping, and praying. There were banners on tall poles stationed around the room, and people were gathered around these banners praying for the different subjects/categories on them. There were banners representing the government, family, schools, revival, etc. I wasn’t really sure what to do, and I didn’t want to simply sit in protest in the corner (at this point I’m not really sure what would have happened if I did), so I knelt in front of the “schools” banner and pretended to pray. In fact, I think I remember kneeling next to my friend Elizabeth and trying to hold her hand… I know what you are thinking, pretty slick maneuver… I know.

Once the night was over it all seemed pretty harmless. I wasn’t sure what the rest of the week was going to hold, but I was enjoying the short-sleeve weather and a great game of hotel “manhunt” (until I collided with one of the other kids on the trip and hurt my leg… but that’s neither here nor there).

To be continued…

To continue the story, click here. To start at the beginning, click here.


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