15 years ago… Pt 4: A new day

I woke up, and something was different.
Could I really explain how I felt? No.

It was the morning after a night like I had never experienced before.
It sounds like I got wasted at the night club, doesn’t it? The difference is I remembered everything that had happened.

My world got rocked.
I laid there on the floor Wednesday night and poured my heart out to God, confessing how much of a sinner I was and that I needed Him to change my life.

This wasn’t some hyped, confused, over-emotional, mislead decision. I said a moment ago that I couldn’t really explain how I felt, but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t know what happened and the consequences that were to follow.

I got saved!

Saved from the drugs!
Saved from the alcohol!
Saved from the stealing!
Saved from all the other addictions, short-comings, insecurities and lies that I was living!

I was saved from my sin!

My life was on a new course now… a different path.

As I spent our second full day waiting in line, just like the previous day, I suddenly had a different perspective. Whereas I really didn’t understand why people would wait all day in line, now I understood.

Something was happening here…
There was something different… more different than I had ever experienced before…
Something so powerful that I was moved beyond words to a place of desperation…
… and I was wanted more.

To be continued

To continue the story, click here. To start at the beginning, click here.


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