I Don’t Need Fellowship to Do “American Church”

I Don’t Need Fellowship to Do “American Church” — Francis Chan

What do you think of this statement?
Does it rub you wrong?

I have recently read several different popular leaders’ thoughts on “church”, the Church, the need to gather, and the Christian “F-word”—fellowship.

(Note: I learned that this was the “Christian F-word” from one of my mentors, Chilly Chilton. This refers to the fact that today no one but Christians use this word, which has lead to it becoming the epitome of Christianese.)

At the bottom of this post is a link to a video of Francis Chan at a Verge Network event, which is where the opening quote comes from. What he addresses is something that I have been pondering for some time.

When we read the Bible, and stop to honestly evaluate the message to those who follow Christ, what do we really read?
Is the message, “As a follower of Jesus your responsibility is to go to church” or do we get, “As a follower of Jesus your responsibility is to carry message of the gospel to the world?”

I would say it is the latter. The Church is anyone that is living-out the mission of the gospel — making disciples of all nations (Matt 28:18-20)…
Oh, and by the way, you should then find other followers of Christ to connect with regularly for encouragement and strength.
See 1 John 1:5-7 — fellowship first with God, which would lead to practicing the truth, which would then lead to fellowship with other Christians.

We have made Christianity about gathering at church, and not about the mission of the cross.

My thoughts on this are on-going.
More will follow, including some quotes from David Platt’s Radical series.

What are your thoughts?
I would love to know what you think, and some things that you are doing or praying about doing that would reflect your ideas.

Still learning



2 thoughts on “I Don’t Need Fellowship to Do “American Church”

  1. This subject seems to be coming up in many of my “social circles” lately. It seems to me like God is preparing to do something amazing. Preparing people for something “radical” in our American Christian culture’s eyes, yet profoundly simple & obedient according to the Bible & what Jesus himself said. I completely agree; it’s about obeying Jesus – and he said to reach others. We’re too relaxed and cushy on our tushies & need to do this for real. Talking to myself too. This actually has been on my mind and heart a LOT lately. I appreciate this post, your honesty, & the additional resources you listed. Thank you.

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