Seeker Friendly

I ended yesterday’s blog with the statement that we have made gathering at church the focus of our American Christianity, rather than the mission of the gospel being the focus.

In a continuation of that thought, let’s consider the label, or term, “Seeker Friendly.”
(By the way, #Labels suck!)

I’m almost finished with the book Radical Together by David Platt. In the last chapter before the Conclusion, he talks about being “Seeker Friendly.”

This is a trend that has become so popular over the last decade or so, but Platt puts an interesting spin on it. Let’s look at a summary of what he says (sorry there is so much… it was all really good):

“… were my sights really supposed to be set on bringing a large crowd together in a cool environment where they could hear terrific music, see killer graphics, and then listen to me talk live or via video…? If this was to be the vision of my life and ministry, I decided, then I should perish.

“Vision affects everything. That’s what visions do. If the focus of the church is on having a large crowd in a big place where people can feel warm and welcomed, then you and I will plan accordingly. We will prioritize a nice church campus for people to drive to and where they can find a convenient parking space. We’ll give them a latte when they walk in the door, and then we’ll provide state-of-the-art entertainment for their children while treating them to a great show that leaves them feeling good when they drive away in a timely fashion…

“What happens [to our vision of large, comfortable crowds] when our primary aim is not to make the crowds feel comfortable but to exalt God in all his glory? … More than you and I want people to be impressed by the stuff that we can manufacture, we want them to be amazed by the God they cannot fathom… we want to raise up people who are so awed, so captivated, so memorized by the glory of God that they will gladly lose their lattes—and their lives—to make his greatness known to the world…

“… someone might ask… ‘Isn’t it good to cater creatively to people who don’t know God?’ Don’t we want to be sensitive to those who are seeking God?’ … let me remind you of a startling reality that the Bible makes clear: ‘There is… no one that seeks God.’ (Rom 3:11) So if the church is sensitive to seekers, and no one is seeking God, then that means the church is sensitive to no one…

“Instead, Jesus tells us that the Father is pursing worshipers for his praise. He is the one doing the seeking! …

“So let’s be radically seeker sensitive in our churches. But let’s make sure we are being sensitive to the right Seeker.

  • What do we need to do differently to make sure we cater to The Seeker, God?

Still learning…



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