Coffee and Community


I love coffee.

But my love for coffee does not overshadow my love for people and relationships.

I love community.

It’s amazing to see how conversations, connections, and care develop in a community over a cup of coffee. (Do you c this happen, too?)

My passion for these things has grown over the years, and they have become key ingredients in leading us to where we are today—planting a café church.

I have the privilege of knowing some awesome people that are also really into building relationships and making great coffee. One of those groups are the people at the Drowsy Poet Coffee Company here in Pensacola. Another is Courage Coffee in Hamtramck, MI (Detroit).

I believe that one of the most powerful avenues in which the gospel is transmitted is through relationships. Relationships, through the work of the Holy Spirit, build the Kingdom of God.

Though many would argue that coffee is not good for you due to the addictive nature of the caffeine, I would beg to differ. In fact, it is because of the addictive nature of coffee that I have been able to build so many great relationships!

You could say that my caffeine addiction has been ordained by God “for such a time as this!” 😉

Seriously, though… I strongly believe that God has given us a clear vision to use coffee as a way to build relationships. It’s not about the coffee, it’s about the kingdom—the Kingdom of God, here, now, alive in the hearts of people!

The coffee, the café, the conversations, the care, the connections…
… all tools for building the Church, which is Christ’s passion; and that goes far beyond any passion I could ever have for coffee.

Wanna meet me for a cup of coffee?


  • Are you a coffee drinker?
  • Do you drink it because you like it, or is it more of a social, peer-pressure, everyone-is-doing-it sorta relationship?
  • Have you seen the social/relational aspect of a cup of coffee bring about change in someone’s life?

(Photo taken at the Drowsy Poet Coffee Company)


4 thoughts on “Coffee and Community

  1. I don’t drink coffee so I can’t really relate to that part of your post, but I do see how it can be a useful tool. I didn’t realize your church was a cafe church! How neat!

  2. Great thoughts!

    Don’t forget one other great relationship that thrives over a cup of Joe: us & GOD!
    – I’m up early with Him & a Chemex pourover of Ecuador coffee! He knows (and loves) the one who picked each berry – He saw it sundried & shipped – He knows the roasters… I don’t know any of these things, but I know HIM!

    1. Absolutely!
      He’s so incredible—the way the Kingdom of God is networked… the web that he spins and how each part is connected; and how he writes us into the story of others.

      We’ll have to exchange coffee. Hopefully in person! 🙂

  3. 1. Heck yes I am
    2. I drink it bc I love it and it makes me feel so good. I actually drink alone most of the time rather than socially
    3. Drinking socially is great bc its cheaper than dinner, so I do go out for coffee with ppl often. caffeine is a great catalyst for meaningful conversation.

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