Thoughts on post-retirement age

My 31st birthday is a week away.
It has been pointed out by many that I’m still young.

In my infancy as a “leader,” there are some things that I have observed, and some thoughts that I have been pondering.
These thoughts are based in my worldview (naturally), and may change over time.
But, with that said, the following is one of those thoughts.

    When I’m old, and at the point of mindlessness (I say that because I probably will be), I pray 2 things… okay, 3 things:

  • That I would be humble enough to admit it,
  • that I would have friends that loved me enough to tell me,
  • and that if I’m not humble enough to admit it, that my friends are bold enough to tell me anyway.

It’s difficult seeing people that are well beyond retirement (and by that I mean that you’d think they were already embalmed) holding on to the need to be heard…
… almost as if they’re afraid that their life will go unnoticed once they are gone, so they are trying to make a big splash on the way out.

These kinds of people make wild predictions, say very strange things that would normally go against their character, and struggle to understand culture.
They become so greatly removed from reality, that even their sound, biblical foundations can begin to crumble.

I had a pastor who was 72, and he was the sharpest 72-year old I have ever met.
We were like best friends.
He once admitted to me that he knew his time was coming to an end, and that he gets frustrated by older pastors who, in his words, “don’t know when to hang up the shingle.
He also told me that he hopes he has people who are open enough to tell him the same — that it’s time to hang ’em up.
(He was later diagnosed with a brain tumor, resigned from his position, and then passed away a year-and-a-half later. Still one of the greatest pastors I have ever known.)

It should be clear to you now that he has greatly influenced this perspective I have.
That, and the growing library of YouTube videos of more recent, well known TV/Radio voices that grow increasingly frustrating for the Church; who, in light of public statements, have to continuously defend Scripture and help others understand/filter their erroneous statements.

Would I be abel to give it up?
Would I be willing to simply bow out?
Or, would I go down with a fight, holding on to every little bit that I can for as long as possible?

I can’t really say how I will be when that time comes.
Right now, this is how I view it.

Maybe, if and when I’m that age, I will think differently.
If so, is that your cue to tell me to hang ’em up?

We’ll see…


P.S. I pray that Jesus comes back before then.


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