Nothing more

Lately, there’s has been this longing in my heart…
… this desire…
… to have nothing else but God.

I wish I could just sell everything.
Or give it all away, for that matter.
To have no other responsibilities but to trust in God for everything.

I just want Him.

It’s almost as if everything else is just a distraction.

My wife is not too keen on just bing a tent and living in a field.
I tell her, “God will provide everything!”
But, she just gives me that look…
Yeah, you know the look.

The more my life remains entangled with all this stuff, the more I wonder if it’s really all detrimental.

I’m all into social media.
Is it all necessary?
I use it a lot personally, I do it for work, and I think there is value when using it well…
… but is there a cost?

Are we becoming more dependent on methods of proclaiming the gospel, and less on the One whom the gospel proclaims?

On a personal note, this has in no way diminished my use of the various platforms.
But I wonder if it should.
Does this make me a hypocrite?
I’m not preaching against it, but simply asking questions regarding value.

Ah… I’m rambling now.

Quite simply, my thoughts are this:
There’s a hunger in me that needs to be quenched…
… I know that the One that can quench it is the Lord.
Now, how to do I get to that place—so desperate and set apart, that He comes in such a way that my heart is satisfied by Him and Him alone?

Pressing in…



5 thoughts on “Nothing more

  1. Sometimes I feel the same way…. give up everything, move to a Caribbean island, and serve families and children in need. Because I am convinced this is what we are here for, to serve the poor. But like you said, we have a lot of distractions. Although this should not be an excuse. Just a thought.

  2. You & Brooke should read the book “7: a spiritual mutiny against excess” (or something like that) by Jen Hatmaker. I am reading it now & it addresses this very thing. Lots of great thoughts.

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