McChurch: I Want It My Way.

Pick and choose.
Mix and match.
Have it your way.

These are all great options for your clothes, or your computer’s desktop, or your Subway sandwich.

The danger is we like this option so much that it starts to be expected in areas of our lives where it’s not necessarily a relevant option.


These all have serious limitations when it comes to having things our way.

A major characteristic shared by those on the second list is this:
They don’t come easy.
In order to have these as a positive and effective part of our lives, we must work on, or for them.

And, part of the work involved is this:
All these elements require sacrifice, time, energy…
We have to learn how to change and grow.

When it comes to Church, we tend to treat it the same way we treat the drive-thru menu board — just give me what I want so I can be on my way.

To be continued…


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