Thoughts on Haiti, Part 2: They Don’t Care.

The first orphanage we visited was awesome. There was a strong sense of the presence of God there.

Here we were, well-fed, well-paid pastors being blessed by children that were abandoned, most by the death of their families in the earthquake.

All they wanted was affection.

I asked a few of the boys if we could play soccer. They lit up and ran outside.

While I was playing soccer within the walls of the orphanage, there was this momentary freedom from the cares of the world. Even more, it was a relief from the concerns of our American Christianity.

These children don’t care about the color of the carpet in the church building, or the color of the paint on the walls, or which side of the platform the piano is on, or whether or not we sing out of the red hymn book.

All they care about is food, water, acceptance, love, and hope. They are learning to follow Christ; and have seen His miraculous works, felt His overwhelming love, and have a sense of hope that we could not begin to comprehend.

We were told that those children would never be adopted.

Can we change that?
Or, would bringing them here to the States ruin the beauty of the simplicity of their love for Jesus?

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Haiti, Part 2: They Don’t Care.

    1. Great question.

      From what I saw with the organization I was traveling with, my answer would be No. With that said, I can’t speak for the plethora of organizations and groups that have poured into the country. I will speak more about the work being done by Convoy of Hope in a future post connected to this series. 🙂

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