Maybe now


we’ll see some change.

There’s a lot of people on my Facebook news feed and my Twitter feed that are whining, complaining, and sharing their own thoughts on the fall of our nation due to the re-election of President Barack Obama.

They say things like, “There goes the nation as we know it!” Or, “Time to move out of the country!” Or even, “God is going to destroy this nation. Say goodbye to your religious freedoms as you know them!

As I read these comments, I can’t help but be a little cynical.

First of all, I’ve heard this before. It’s a classic over-reaction by anyone on the losing side.

Secondly, maybe that’s what needs to happen. Maybe losing our religious freedom is a good thing. It will certainly weed out the fakers.

Do I welcome persecution? Now way!

But, if I’m persecuted for my faith in Jesus Christ, I believe Jesus himself said I should consider it an honor. (Matt 5:11, 12)

In the meantime, pray for our president, look to how you can add value to people, and become part of the eternal solution.

It is well with my soul…



2 thoughts on “Maybe now

  1. Your friends are over reacting yes but no one is losing their religious freedoms. I am unsure how fellow Christian’s are unable to see how this behavior drives people away from Christ. If you are a true believer you know that won’t happen 1. 2. How is taking freedoms from others driving away religious freedoms. Or do you mean just that some people only want their ideals considered and a theocracy?

    1. There are many that fear for the loss of our freedoms to publicly practice our religious beliefs. This is not an outlandish thought. But, yes, I believe for some, they would seek a theocracy.

      Some people should have freedoms taken away. A murderer should not be free to continue to murder. Likewise, there are some crazy religious cults that practice harmful, even life-threatening rituals. This can’t be allowed. But, with that said, how far should the government go to stop perceived threats? Historically, that leads to the elimination of all religious freedom in a nation.

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