Office vs. Position

Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ… He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love. (Ephesians 4:11, 12, 16 NLT)

Sometime I wonder if we are doing it correctly.

What is it?
You know, the whole paid church staff thing. Pastors, teachers, worship leaders, a full office of secretaries and administrative assistants, grounds keeping crew, janitors, counselors, media team…

It just seems that we got things all mixed up.

I struggle with wanting to get paid to “pastor.”

I know the Bible says that a worker is worth his wage. Peter and the others quit fishing and worked helping to establish the New Testament Church; and their needs were met.

But have we gone too far with it?

I opened with Ephesians 4 because it talks about some specific offices. These are known as the “Five-fold Ministry”. What is interesting is Scripture says they are given as gifts.

These gifts are designed to help everyone else sothey can grow the church.

We have taken something that is a gift and made it a position.

Now, Christians around the country show up Sunday mornings and are serviced. They pay Pastor, or the evangelist to grow the church. The teacher is paid to make the disciples for us.

Was this the intention? Were these gifts given so we could elevate them into the authority?

Is it possible we have lifted up man to the place of king, and the building of our churches (lower-case ‘c’ because I’m referring to the institution and buildings), rather than the whole body working together—equally participating and contributing—in order to lift up the King and the building His Church (upper-case ‘C’ because it’s referring the body of believers)?

I’m really not so certain anymore that we’ve got things properly ordered.



2 thoughts on “Office vs. Position

  1. I have often thought on this as well. I have thought about our government leaders and maybe it would be alot different if they would have their own incomes and not be paid by taxpayers. Maybe it would weed out all the ones that are greedy for power instead of truly caring for the people. Maybe the same thing should be with the pastors, etc. On the other hand scripture does indicate that we should support the ones who feed us the word. It uses the word “communicate” in reference to supplying the needs of Paul by the Christians there. “Now you Phillipians know also, that in the beginning of the gospel, when I departed from Macedonia, no church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving, but you only.” As I have submitted our tithes now in support of ministries we believe are genuine, God has seen us through many times. We have been blessed financially, physically, etc., and I attribute this to obeying the commandment to tithe. We were led to be part of a local church while raising our children, and I was called to be a stay-at-home mom. I was fearful about letting go of a career I was pursuing, but when I did, God put it on a man’s heart who was in full-time ministry to give us 20 pounds of chicken. Now that was a sign to me I was in His will. Many times after that we experienced help like that. We were able to homeschool on low income. My husband was a janitor and God just provided wisdom and we had to do without many times, too, but never went hungry, and always was able to pay our bills. I always heard God provides where He guides. We were caregivers to several families along the way. When our girls got closer to being teenagers I went to the Lord again about my working outside the home, and He still wanted me home; I shared my heart about needing more money as the girls would be wanting to have nicer clothes, etc., and then my husband’s boss motivated him to apply as the groundskeeper and that have us 3,000 more dollars a year on his income. Also as I was listening to Dr. Dobson one day on the radio he stated that it is just as important to stay at home with teenagers as it is with a 2 year old, and that seemed like confirmation by the Holy Spirit. I was engaged in assignments at this local church, too. It was a definite plan of God for me and my family. It is all about knowing God’s will and then we have authority to claim His promises for our needs. He said to “not take thought what you shall eat or wear, etc…”

    My girls, and my husband worked in children’s ministries,did kid’s camps for 10 years; I worked in the church nursery for 9 years. Assisted in various projects around the church, etc. So, it was a God thing and God provided. It is about people sharing your vision; and if it is a God-given vision He will provide, and yes He does it through His people and at times even sinners. We have had to be on the receiving end at times and have witnessed others be blessed and sometimes protected from danger because they gave into our lives. A couple years ago God opened the door for a closer relationship with our neighbor, and he is a General Contractor. We needed help doing repairing our septic tank and he bought the materials for us and only at cost, and charged no labor. He walked us through what to do, and saved us 5,000 dollars! He also gave us a computer and has provided many hours of his time helping us on our computer problems. His son needed prayer being bullied by bullies at school, and one time it was a dangerous situation and we witnessed God’s hedge around the situation.

    And more recently we have been going through attacks on our grandson, and intercession of the Holy Spirit have occurred off and on, and God gave us the word that “He has plans for him,” and we are holding on to that promise. He is the firstborn, and they often are attacked more it seems.

    In May 2010 I had a small brain tumor, and thought it was something else, but I had a sharp pain one day, and couldn’t shake it. About two days later I was delirious and my daughter and her husband drove me to the hospital, and they found what it was. I had no health insurance, and the hospital gave me 100% charity as well as all the providers. God is great!

    Well, I hope this helps you. Sorry, if it is too long. I get on rabbit trails at times. I will be praying for you to have peace about your finances, etc.

  2. You mentioned Peter, and how he left all and followed Jesus. This was right after Jesus made a great provision (the casting of the net on the other side of the boat when they had toiled all night), too. Jesus was thinking of his family and the other disciples families’ as well. To give them assurance that He would take care of them while they followed Him.

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