Where Life Happens


We believe that church should happen wherever life happens. You shouldn’t have to leave life to go to church.
— Neil Cole, Organic Church


One thought on “Where Life Happens

  1. Yes, Amen! We became very involved in local church as young parents. We also wanted to create a good environment within the home providing opportunity for our children to receive Christ and the Holy Ghost. We felt it was better to home-school our children due to our low-income status, church work involvement, and conflicts of faith within our families/parents, and the state of textbooks & their curriculums, which is bent toward “indoctrination” instead of true academia.

    “Church happening wherever life is happening,” is the goal of home-schooling. I still try to remember that. There was a purpose in our local church involvement; as adults we needed to learn discernment, and a good doctrinal foundation that we didn’t get growing up. Our parents were hard-working people, and good law-abiding citizens, but were ignorant of spiritual things, etc. God gave us the account of Abraham and called us out from our families into another field to sow seeds, because they would not accept Pentecost, and some refused to give up their bad habits in daily lives, and one set of parents were into Mormonism – the father being an elder, which we felt we needed to protect our children from that philosophy. However, we did visit on the holidays. So, we gained emotional and spiritual support at a local assembly.

    Many homes today are in a state of confusion and turmoil and need support. So, just keep these things in mind.

    God bless, keep, and give you peace as you seek His will.

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