It will be messy.

Many churches, when starting out, experience an initial rapid growth in attendance. Some refer to this as a “swell,” and not true growth. Most often it’s attributed to Christians that are unhappy with their current church and are looking for something new.

Real growth happens, not when a community simply gains people that are already followers of Christ, but when they start reaping a harvest of seeds sown in fertile soil.

This requires something many Christians don’t enjoy—finding good soil.

In his book Organic Church, Neil Cole reminds us that “bad people make good soil—there’s a lot of fertilizer in their lives.”


The more messed up we are, the more manure we find ourselves standing in; and as a result our lives become very fertile for the seeds of the Gospel to take root. (Encouraging, isn’t it?!)

Don’t go looking for the people that have it all together. Find the fertile soil… it’s ready for seeds of Life to take root!

Sniffing-out fertile soil…



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