15 years ago… Pt 7: 15 years later

Oh, what my eyes have seen!

7… The number of completion.
The retelling of my story ends today with, well… today.
15 years later.

I have spent the last week recounting the events surrounding the day I was saved, and revealing thoughts, reactions, and the experience of being redeemed by my Savior, Jesus, at the age of 15.

Since that “fateful” week, I my life has been quite the journey (far more than I could have ever imagined)!

    The journey has included (not in any particular order):

  • Bible college
  • marriage
  • living in Pennsylvania and Detroit
  • now living in Pensacola
  • a daughter
  • being on staff at three churches
  • now planting a new church
  • traveling to several foreign countries for ministry
  • witnessing great miracles of healing
  • experiencing great miracles of provision
  • praying with many to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord
  • baptizing a bunch of teenagers

I have been so blessed by God.
I definitely can NOT imagine what my life would be like had He not saved me!

My spiritual journey began in Pensacola, FL while I was living in Attleboro, MA. Now, I live in Pensacola and am currently planting a church here.
It’s wild.

God is so good.
I pray that this story as encouraged you.
It has been so great reminiscing…
… but now, onward and upward!

This is why I remind you to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you when I laid my hands on you.
2 Timothy 1:6

Fanning the flame…


If you have not followed the story from the beginning, you can click here and start from day 1 🙂


Tomorrow, It’s Only A Day Away: Part Three

Live Like There’s No Tomorrow: The preparedness paradox… it’s all about perspective.

In the last post, we looked at Scripture and discussed the need to plan; and that we need to be preparing for tomorrow, for tomorrow will come. Yet we seem to be faced with this paradox of the reality that, though tomorrow will come, we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Not only are we not, guaranteed tomorrow, but today is full of all kinds of issues, circumstances, opportunities, etc.

Jesus said in Matthew 6:34

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

We are NOT to worry about tomorrow. This doesn’t mean that we are not to be prepared for tomorrow; but we need to consider today as equally important, if not more important than tomorrow. Too often I hear people say, “I just can’t wait for today to end!” or “Ugh, I just need to get to tomorrow!” The problem with that kind of thinking is this: God has us in today for a reason; and that reason is not so we can just put our brains on auto-pilot and coast into tomorrow. Why do we even think it’s about us, anyway? God has plans that greater than ours.

There is a reason for today. There is a reason for all that has happened, and will happen before the day is over. Our perspective and understanding of this reality will form our responses to today’s circumstances. “But why would God allow _______________ to happen?!” Why do you need all the answers?!

We can trust in this:

… I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.

Philippians 1:6

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Romans 8:28

God has good plans for you! Why do we spend our time worry about tomorrow, or even today, when He desires for us to free from the worry? Jesus said that worrying doesn’t add one moment to our lives (Matthew 6:27)! In fact, it has been medically proven that worrying actually shortens our life! We are literally killing ourselves when we spend all our time worrying!

Be free from worry. Look at today as an opportunity to learn – as a part of the plan and preparation for eternity; or just tomorrow for that matter. We are not guaranteed tomorrow; and even if we were, if we are not allowing today to prepare us for tomorrow, then we won’t be ready for it when it does come. Also, even more important than your response for your life, today is an opportunity for God to use you to lead others to him!

Let’s lift up our heads, quit staring at our own problems, and realize that today is not an accident, and today is not about us (Philippians 2:4)! God is already in tomorrow, He already knows what will happen, and He already has the solution! Let’s focus on being who He has created us to be today, so that others may come to know Him, too! (Who knows, we may learn something in the process.)

Living today free from the worries of tomorrow…


Tomorrow, It’s Only A Day Away: Part One

In all the different seasons through which God has lead my family, there are many lessons that He has taught us. One that He has been reminding me of lately is that of living for today.

The next several posts will be a little series on today and tomorrow. We will focus on the importance of living life today, and when we should consider tomorrow.

Jesus, in Matthew 6:34, says,

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

And in Proverbs 16:9, it says,

We can make our plans,

but the Lord determines our steps.

So, then why make any plans for the future? Let’s just live out today as if it’s our last!

But we also see in Proverbs 24:27 some wisdom in considering tomorrow:

Do your planning and prepare your fields

before building your house.

And in Matthew 25, there is the parable of the ten maids— five were wise and five unwise. Of the five wise maids, it was said,

but the other five were wise enough to take along extra oil.

In fact, it was their planning ahead for a delay that ended them in the house with the bridegroom; and not being locked outside, forgotten by the bridegroom! So, could proper preparation be a key to spending eternity with God? Jesus says in this very chapter of Matthew,

“For you do not know the day or hour of my return.”

Here’s a few questions to help set up the discussion:

  • Do you worry or get anxious about what the future holds?
  • Do you plan for the future, or do you just let things happen a they come?
  • Are you always waiting for today to end?

Looking forward to the discussion (please join in)! 😉