The Times, They Are A-changin’

As the seasons turn from summer to autumn, I’ve been thinking on the seasons. (And all the different songs have been playing in my head… “With every season turn, turn, turn…”, “Seasons change, people change…”)

I grew up in southern New England, then went to college outside of Philly, lived in the mountains in Pennsylvania, and then Detroit. There are some similarities with all these locations – one of them is this: wind chill factor.

The weather in these places is all the same. Four full seasons; summers stay in the high 80’s most of the time, with occasional days in the 90’s, and maybe 1-3 days close to 100 (with humidity); a good amount of rain in the spring; beautiful foliage in autumn; and cold winters. Snow, wind, ice, snow, gray skies, wind, hail, black ice, wind, snow, below-zero temps, frozen pipes, snow and wind… did I mention wind and snow? The thing is, that’s all I know! I LOVE THE SNOW!!!

This year is different. No foliage, 340 days of sunshine, palm trees, hanging Christmas lights in 50 degrees (haven’t actually experienced that yet – I asked a native what Christmas was like), and… HEAT! The summer is packed with heat.

I spent my whole life factoring wind-chill. That was the only real weather factor – that howling in the winter that made 12 F feel like zero. A few months ago, I learned a new weather factor – “heat index”. This factor makes 96 F feel like 110 F. Now, there is humidity up north. But it’s not an every day reality. And there is wind-chill down south, but you only really notice it when you are walking the beach and the sun has already gone down.

Cha-cha-changes… There are seasons in life, and these seasons take place within the different chapters that are being written – like a sub-plot. For my family, a new chapter started when we left Detroit and moved to Pensacola, and while here in Pensacola, there will be different seasons that we experience (i.e. living with family for the first few months, then moving into an apartment, and then maybe we will have a house one day). The things that we were comfortable with, used to, and even really liked (like snow), may not be real factors in our lives any more.

This can also happen in ministry. As the autumn leaves fall (up north), maybe there are other things that are falling away. Will there be a new season with different kinds of life coming forth in the spring? Where I once measured “wind-chill”, will I instead be measuring “heat index”? I love the snow, and am very comfortable in the snow; but will I continue to live in the snow?

How about for you? Are there new seasons on the horizon? Is there something new that you sense God leading you into?

Turnin’ up the heat,


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